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12/13/18 The property at 8500 Menard Avenue, Morton Grove IL 60053 is being sold. We represent the seller,... Jake Lawrence
05/07/19 Please provide any documents pertaining to 8620 Waukegan Rd #101, Morton Grove, IL  Documents fr... Jake Lawrence
02/13/19 8732 Ferris Ave. Please let me know if there are any liens or violations on this property with th... Jake Lawrence
05/01/19 My business, Advanced Skin and Mohs Surgery Center, s.c., a dermatology medical practice, is inte... Jake Lawrence
01/29/19 Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), I am requesting an opportunity to obt... Jake Lawrence
01/29/19 For the Property located at 5990 Dempster Street, the following records are requested: From the ... Jake Lawrence
11/23/18 Can you please provide us with a report of all building permits processed by your department sinc... Jake Lawrence
11/27/18 Can I have a copy of permit for the repair or replacement of the roof of this property address; 7... Jake Lawrence
11/28/18 Good afternoon, I am in a process of purchasing property at 8816 Olcott Ave, Morton Grove, IL 60... Jake Lawrence
12/14/18 permit pulled for central air, top floor living space,2nd bathroom 9127 mansfield   richard vande... Jake Lawrence
11/27/18 I am looking for a list of the current violations for the property located at 8816 Olcott Morton ... Jake Lawrence
11/07/18 Prior to 2012, I would like to know if any building permits were issued to the property located a... Jake Lawrence
12/04/18 Contractor contact information for new residential construction at 7101 Emerson St. Jake Lawrence
12/06/18 Please include open liens, outstanding property violations, open permits, and outstanding water b... Jake Lawrence
12/04/18 Any info on property such as outstanding fines, looking to acquire property at 7200 Wilson Terrace.  Jake Lawrence
11/02/18 All pending uncorrected zoning, building, fire or health code violations and open building permit... Jake Lawrence
11/01/18 Copies of residential and commercial building permits applied for and issued between 10/1/2018 - ... Jake Lawrence
02/01/19 For the Property at 9016 Waukegan Road, 6-story Apartment Building: - Current Zoning Designation... Jake Lawrence
02/28/19 Please provide all issued building permits for new construction and remodel, residential and comm... Jake Lawrence
05/07/19 Hello

Please provide information on code violation and permit on the following address li...
Jake Lawrence
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